Electronic Data Disposal

On an enterprise network there are many electronic devices. These electronic devices range from personal computers to computer servers as well as from photocopier machines to cell phones. Many of these devices house important data vital to the livelihood of a business. The business may not want this data to fall into the wrong hands for it could lead to compromising its enterprise network or intellectual property theft. Or even worse, lost revenues. All electronic equipment that will either be re-purposed or discarded needs to go through a proven data destruction or media sanitization process to avoid data leaks by way of malicious actors dumpster diving or unintended access by employees. Pantera Security follows NIST and DoD approved methods for the proper destruction of electronic data.

Secure Electronic Recycling

If businesses decide to discard electronic devices completely, where do they go? In addition to properly sanitizing the data from these devices, they need to be properly recycled once they are discarded. It would be advantageous for companies to control the chain of custody of their devices all the way to the end of their respective life cycles and ensuring that they do no harm to the environment. This means taking the electronic waste and securely recycling it so that harmful materials don't end up in U.S. landfills or developing countries harming their environment also. Taking these steps can improve or maintain the reputation of businesses and protect their revenues by meeting government standards such as E-Stewards. Pantera Security can assist businesses with their electronic asset disposition needs.

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